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For us, our references are not a simple list of clients, but the demonstration that our electronic safety and fire protection systems are in line with the most severe regulations imposed by the government agencies and private multinationals listed here:

We are associated with AIAS (Italian Association of Safety Agents), UNI (National Unification Agency), NFPA (National Fire Protection Associations), and HARC (Halon Alternatives Research Corporation) 

As stated in declaration CEC/496 of 23/04/1996 of the Italian Naval Register (R.I.N.A.), we are authorised to carry out, in our plants, the hydrostatic testing and cylinder refilling for Extinguishers and Fire Prevention Systems to be installed on ships subject to examination by the R.I.N.A. 

We are associated

Ambient and safety consortium

AIAS - Italian Association of Safety Agents

UNI - National Unification Agency

HARC - Halon Alternatives Research Corporation, 

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

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