Fire protection catalogues

 full equipped grey painted steel fire cabinet
 flush mounted fire cabinet
 saddle for fire hose 
 fire hose uni type 
 rubber sleeve 
 fire hose coupling a type 
 branchpipe without shut-off system/uni connection 
 pistol nozzle 
 branch pipe with valve 
 male - female ball valve 
 angle valve flanged type bronzo made 
 low level strainer
 connection for fire brigate truck pump horizontal
 divider with 2 outlets 
 male-female adapter 
 female threaded blank cap a type 
 spingarde - lance schiuma - miscelatori
 fire extinguishing monitor
 manhole cover 
 underground fire hydrant 
 steel body pillar hydrant with automatic drainage system 
 soft sealing ggg-40 ductile cast iron gate valves
 operating key for pillar hydrants 
 air bleeder "crotone" type 
 dynamic pressure and flow rate testing device 
 brass fire valve with light alloy storz connection 
 brass fire valve with light alloy dsp connection 
 brass fire valve with bs 336 female connection 
 brass fire valve with nh connection
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