Gielle produces a full range of Extinguishing systems to meet SOLAS requirements. These include high and low pressure CO2, dry powder and various types of foam. 

We have also developed cost-effective Local Application water mist systems to meet the new SOLAS regulations. 

Where an alternative to Halon is required, we offer Novec as a long term sustainable option, Inergen where space allows, or 'Hot Foam'.

Novec Key Features

Zero ozone depleting potential
Atmospheric lifetime of less than 5 days
Insignificant global warming potential
Safe for use in occupied areas
Existing halon control system can be adapted for use with Novec™ 1230
Requires minimal storage space
Provisional S.N.A.P. listing by US E.P.A.
Passed IMO MSC 848 tests
UL/FM testing underway
Submitted for inclusion in ISO and CEN design standards

The search for halon 1301 replacements has been on-going for over 10 years and each alternative brings with it a unique set of properties. 

Novec 1230 has low toxicity and has a boiling point of 48 degrees C and therefore exists as a liquid at room temperature. It is super-pressurised with nitrogen to 25 bar, and it rapidly extinguishes fire through a combination of heat absorption (it’s main action) and an element of chemical interference with the flame.

Environmental Features
Novec 1230 contains neither bromine or chlorine and has zero ozone depleting potential.
The atmospheric lifetime of Novec 1230 is estimated to be in the range of 3-5 days and with a global warming potential of 1, it is considered that the Novec 1230 has no measurable impact on climate change. These attributes ensure that Novec 1230 represents a truly sustainable technology.

Acute toxicity testing has shown that Novec 1230 is safe for use in occupied areas. The effective toxicity exposure limit is greater than 10% for both the acute inhalation exposure and cardiac sensitisation - No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL). Set against low design concentrations, it offers superior margins of safety (up to 100%).

Replacing Halon with Novec 1230
Novec 1230 is available to protect most hazards traditionally protected with Halon 1301. The physical properties of each halon alternative determines how much agent is required to provide an equivalent level of protection. Novec 1230 will require approximately twice as much agent by weight as the equivalent halon system, although end use design concentrations will be similar, resulting in minimal increases in storage space for the containers.
Existing pipework may need to be replaced or supplemented, although the exact requirement for any particular system can only be determined after a detailed review of the existing installation.

Despite having a high boiling point, Novec™ 1230 is able to be effectively vapourised over a wide range of hazard temperatures. It is therefore available to protect most hazards traditionally protected with Halon 1301 and will be particularly important in Marine applications and others where high margins of safety and long term sustainability are considered to be crucial features.

One of the advantages offered by Novec™ 1230’s high boiling point is that it produces a very low vapour pressure, enabling it to be transported in lightweight totes or drums as opposed to steel pressurised containers. This allows Novec 1230 to be readily air freighted and as both initial filling and recharging operations are possible by simply pouring the fluid into containers, prior to superpressurising,  the filling operation is far simpler than with traditional high pressure gases.

Room Integrity Testing
Room Integrity Testing has become an important feature in the commissioning of gaseous fire fighting systems. The integrity test is performed to check that enclosures can maintain an extinguishing agent concentration for a sufficient period of time following discharge. 
This time may vary according to the hazard and the available response time for the emergency services although 10 minutes is often considered to be an acceptable period. Room integrity testing is now a requirement of ISO 14520 and
NFPA 2001 at the commissioning stage and may form part of an on-going maintenance schedule.
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